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Welcome to the Break Free University™ v2.0

It’s great to have you with us! This is where you will find an ever-growing list of resources for Breaking Free from Your Internal Success Barriers and HeadTrash so you can get out of your own way and create the Success of Your Wildest Dreams!

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Special Announcements:

Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 9:37 am

WELCOME to the Break Free University 2.0.

I'm putting my heart and soul into updating the Break Free University for two important reasons.

1) It is at the CORE of the Life's Purpose that I volunteered to come into this lifetime to accomplish and...

2) The materials in the BFU are the FOUNDATION of everything that I teach.

I'm taking all of us back to the basic foundational tools because they are absolutely vital to YOU breaking free of your Internal Success Barriers and making THIS the FIRST DAY of your very BEST YEAR EVER!

There's more new stuff on it's way into the BFU so plzzzz STAY TUNED!

I'm sending YOU a BIG "Happy New Year" HUG!

P.S. It is very challenging to "edit your own work" so if you find any typos, broken links or other things I've overlooked, Plzzzz shoot me an email or give me a call and let me know. THANKS in advance! 336-855-5433 Troyann @ (remove the spaces)


If you are just getting started using the Break Free University™ eCampus you can start by following the Break Free Step-by-Step Lesson Plan.

Featured Break Free BONUSES

Here you will find a list of resources that are designed to help you break free from your specific success barriers. Review the list below and choose lessons and exercises based on your current needs.

The Procrastination Buster Step-by-Step Process

This comprehensive Procrastination Buster Process is specifically designed to guide you through the steps that take you well beyond the initial "ah-ha" moment and into creating lasting, long-term change in your behaviors!

Break Free from Money & Success HeadTrash

In this resource section you will find vital tools for uncovering and breaking free from the HeadTrash that creates internal MONEY Success Barriers and damaging self sabotaging behaviors.

How to Recognize and Break Free from the Fear of Success

In this resource section you will find lessons, exercises and step-by-step instructions for uncovering internal fears that are blocking your success and for creating new, more effective internal strategies that will compel you toward your desired success!

Case Study: How to Recover When You've Been Knocked Down Hard by an Unexpected and Unwanted Life Event

In this LIVE Case Study I am working with a client who is about a year out from an unwanted divorce and is in great need of reprogramming his internal strategies so that he can regain control and happiness in his life.

Case Study: How to Build Self Confidence When Responding to Crushing Problems and Challenges

In this LIVE Case Study I am working with a client who is struggling to maintain her motivation as she faces self-confidence-crushing problems and challenges as she works to build her own coaching practice. Watch as she uncovers the true nature of her internal success barriers and breaks free of them for long-term, lasting change that leads her toward feelings of self confidence.

Goal Achievement

In this resource section you will find powerful lessons and exercises for keeping yourself focused and in alignment with moving easily and naturally toward the accomplishment of your goals.

The POWERFUL Way to Use the Law of Attraction

In this resource section you will find a comprehensive explanation of HOW your internal success barriers and self sabotage behaviors block your ability to live in alignment with the Law of Attraction.

Coming Soon

I have LOTS more Break Free Tools, Success Strategies, How To Guides and other special materials that will be ready soon! Keep an eye out for my email notifications!